Other Services

Vessel Chartering

With the current expansion, KA Petra Sdn Bhd (KPSB) has moved into the business of vessel chartering

Utilizing its vendor licence for the PETRONAS Group of companies, KPSB extends its services to clients with the inclusion on Vessel Chartering for the Oil & Gas sector. Under this portfolio, KPSB has on offer a wide range of Offshore Supply Vessels (OSV) to meet various client operating requirements.

With a diverse fleet of modern and well-equipped offshore vessels and barges and our commitment to client satisfaction, KPSB is able to deliver with excellence, a wide range of offshore chartering for the offshore oil and gas and civil construction industries.

KPSB are able to supply different types of vessels ranging from Bulk Carriers, Tankers, AHTS, AHT, Accomodation Work Boats and any other vessels required in the marine sectors.

Shipping Agency & Project Logistics Business

KA-Petra Sdn Bhd is also moving into Shipping Agency and Project Logistics segment, with acquisition of Local Shipping Agency Company, with all the relevant licenses and permits to do Shipping Agency and Logistics business. The idea is to form Regional Agency Group involve in Liner Agency, Port Agency and Project Logistics Services in Asia. The objective is to provide one stop solution to client for movement of all kind of cargos, dry, liquid, over height, over width, High & Heavy etc.

The services provided are as follows:


KA Petra Sdn Bhd understands that to maintain morale and a healthy workforce you need to maintain a healthy & clean working and living environment. This is particularly relevant in isolated work areas like offshore.
KA Petra Sdn Bhd is able to provide extensive catering services to offshore vessels and rigs incorporating;
  • the provision of catering personnel
  • food supply & logistics management
  • laundry and janitorial services
  • management of all quarantine, health and hygiene requirements